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Anderson Engineering

Specialists in Tooling for the
Plastic Injection Moulding Industry

Anderson Engineering services - up to 2 tonnes capacity

CNC Milling Section

We can produce many types of machined items from basic plate work to complicated shapes, we are familiar with all types of materials and there cutting properties. We specialise in the design and manufacture of plastic injection mould tooling as well as special purpose jigs and fixtures. We also do alterations and modifications to any existing tooling of any kind, our cnc machining facility can accommodate anything from one off complex 3d shapes and prototypes to low to medium volume batch work. We have vast experience in unscrewer tools and use the latest in product ejection including electronic switches. Our rapid turn around of precision tooling and modifications from our talented and committed staff means we are a fast growing company willing to satisfy customer needs. The travel on our cnc machine is X750 Y450 Z550 with a weight limit of 1000 kg.

Spark Erosion Section

Our spark eroder allows us to produce accurate shapes to high tolerances; we can produce our own electrodes or are happy to use customer electrodes. We also have highly versatile wire erosion equipment.

Turning Section

We have a Colchester/ triumph 2000 lathe that we can turn many parts with a limit of 600mm long and 150mm dia.

Grinding Section

We can grind cores with accurate tapers rads and chamfers, the travel limit is 550mmx200mm.

Traditional Benchwork and Toolmaking

We pride ourselves on a quality appearance and our bench-fit section is second to none. Our toolmakers have over 80 years experience in this field and stride to exceed customer requirements. We have all the latest polishing equipment from air lappers to ultra-sonic polishers and can produce finishes up to a very high optical standard.

        This is to thank you to your company for all your help in manufacturing the prototypes we received. They were displayed at
the conference and proved to be
a great success.

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